Troy serves as the founder and creator of TAG Entertainment, a production company dedicated to excellence in storytelling, TAG specializes in outdoor television with national television shows such as Trigger Time TV, The Fisherman’s Guide, Student of the Gun, Castin’ Cajun, Pushing Limits, and many others.

Ric has over 39 years of experience and has been the Director of Trigger Time throughout its 23 seasons.  Having worked field/studio/film production for thousands of projects including many national brands, such as Hurricane Hunters with the Weather Channel, Ric’s talent and ingenuity is shown through his work.

Francisco has joined the crew for a number of segments helping as a camera operator and providing full production services for our sponsors products.  With years of experience in film and broadcast production, Francisco is a true legend with what he brings to the table.

Amanda has worked as a production assistant and second camera operator throughout the seasons.  She comes from an outdoor sports production background and has worked on a number of TAG Entertainment productions.

 Dusty is a passionate filmmaker and Lead YouTube Director at Trigger Time TV. Dusty is responsible for crafting captivating content with a blend of creativity and expertise. Join the journey on YouTube:

Braedyn is part of the visual magic behind the scenes at Trigger Time TV as the YouTube Channel Editor & Videographer. Braedyn brings the stories to life with seamless editing and captivating videography.

Steven helps maintain the Trigger Time TV website and on occasion has aided in field production.  His years working in broadcast television has provided him with many opportunities, including the chance to work with TAG Entertainment on a number of show launches.

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